Beauty In The Giving

Beauty In The Giving
Published December 7, 2018 by ultrastarter in Beauty Blog

Would you wash your hair with dish soap? If you had to, could you choose between basic hygiene for yourself, and breakfast for your children?

Stephanie is a mother of three small girls. They are currently homeless, but they access services through a day shelter supported by Project Beauty Share. The products she receives from us empowers her and shows her girls her strength to get through each day.

Hygiene is confidence, and confidence is priceless.

There are an estimated quarter of a million women in situations like Stephanie’s. That’s why Project Beauty Share exists – to fill the gap and provide items like soap, shampoo, toothbrush and deodorant for women in shelters, transitional housing and other difficult situations.

Join our Beauty In The Giving Movement today. Your monthly gift will inspire many to find their way back to a life worth living, knowing someone else cares.

For a recurring gift of $150 each month, Project Beauty Share can provide all the hygiene needs for one shelter for an entire year. For just $100 a month, women living in shelters will never have to go without deodorant or tampons. A gift of $50 each month is about the cost one woman will spend on hygiene items, if she had the capacity to buy them.

Don’t wait – make your gift today, and tell another woman “you may have been told you’re worthless, but I see you as valuable.”

I Believe The Beauty Is In The Giving – HEre’s My Gift